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Learn about the Mahima Bags Mission & Vision, and listen to Testimonials from the Women of Mahima

The Mahima Story


Mahima Bags is a fair trade company providing hope and opportunity to women living in the slums of Kolkata, India. Our mission is to empower these women to be the light in India’s dark places.

By teaching them a craft in which they can support their own family, they in turn reach out into their own community to other struggling women and give them hope. The Women of Mahima are also provided a safe, healthy environment in which women can come together and guide, mentor, and support each other. We have established a micro-financing program, as well as provide individual and group counseling to help them through their daily struggles of living in the slums.

Our Mahima Bags are carefully handmade using limited-edition materials and exclusive designs. All materials are authentic and locally supplied, and each bag is personally cut, sewn, and stitched by our Mahima Women.
Mahima Bags is changing the lives of the women of Kolkata – one stitch at a time.

Story of Molina

Story of Anita

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